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AWS and its interconnected business portal • 2019


AWS Group is a New Zealand company that brings innovation for better and safer sanitation solutions for different facilities like marine, agriculture, hospitality and aquaculture.


As the company progressed and extend its services, based on the research shows that almost 42% of the company clients missed their monitoring and assessment on time resulting to delay in sanitation reports and compliance. Making on-time reports and assessments can result to a better service to their customers.


Despite of information constraint - I created research about competitors and current business technololgy trends for easy-access of information.

I am responsible in designing a digital product portal that serves to improve the business system of the business and develop an easier way to monitor and assessed client for sanitation compliance.

The Solution



First is identifying the problem...How might we improve service for AWS clients in order to carry on-time reports and compliance to customers?

Because there are 3 different segments of business that will use the portal, I build 3 different persona's to represent each group of users within the business.

With time and budget constraints, I jump in to bringing mid-fidelity mockup for presentation and bring it to usability testing - this way I can easily grasp any flaws to my UI while gathering necessary feedback to users.

Lastly, as an agile ways of working, I work closely with couple of developers and kickoff any interface that I validate and proven working base on how users interacts with it.

Breaking down the challenges, defining the problem correctly in the first phase of the kickoff meeting really sets the boat's navigation into the right course. This makes it easier for me as a UX designer to bring a better design solution that will really answer the challenges of the business.

Building a close group for usability testing gives a better understanding of how user will interact with the interfaces you have built and easily pivots certain interface to satisfy user needs.

We launched an application that is interconnected that delivers communication between E-commerce, reporting and site assessment reporting and compliance. This improves business-client communication and drives the sales of the product of the business while scheduling on-time assessment and real-time reporting direct to the portal.

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