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UX/UI Design, Competetive Analysis, Usability Testing

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H-audio was started their journey into audio technology back at early 2000's. The company has been selling customised and white-labelled headphones and audio engineered products to big labels while creating their own name in the industry.

The brand is becoming a big brand and their product is being used by big names in sports like the late Koby Bryant, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and the Philippine Basketball Association. Having said that, the stakeholders decided to up their game by bringing UX to figure out what can be done to improve conversion through their digital spaces.

The Challenge

Even with the high number of sales globally, the company is still challenged by how they present themselves in the market. This is due to because most of the biggest project they get is under B2B, they are already forgetting the face of their product which is why they have asked for my help.

My Role

My role in this project is to do a UX audit of the website, UX/UI design, and UX research.

As most of my peers know, I don't usually start up and jumping into my designing tool, rather, I get to use methodologies, backed up by data, analytics which is existing to their website.

I did a competitor analysis to present the strong points and weak points of their UI...

Although the analytics is not properly set up, I have managed to get some good user insights from their hotjar recordings. We figured out how people react to the website and why. bounce rate is getting high. This data is "gold" as I can make this as a basis on creating UI that will solve User problem and meet the business goal.

Creating the UI

With all the data I got, I can now start using it as my basis on designing UI that will speaks discoverability, usability and convenience to users digital experience. We make it soft style, but without decreasing the value of the brand, pop out message and play around with the hierarchy of the information.

We have created 2-3 iterations with 2-3 usability studies. Eventually, all my stakeholders get happy and sign off a UI that will change the rest of the skeleton of the website, this is going to be the guide they will use on developing the new UI.

Version prototype - https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpt4rirmd57i7ou/Screen%20Recording%202021-07-05%20at%209.34.08%20PM.mov?dl=0

Invision prototype - https://weroarltd391005.invisionapp.com/console/share/MF2NJ8D04K/654646026

It was really fun to work with different stakeholders that is really open into innovation and care about the status of their digital space. As my proposal is backed up with data from their own analytics, I use this as a point to validate the issue and presented a UI that actually solve those visual problems.


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