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AWS Group is a New Zealand company that brings innovation for better and safer sanitation solutions for different facilities like marine, agriculture, hospitality and aquaculture.

As the company progressed and extend its services, based on the research provided, it shows that almost 42% of the company clients missed their monitoring and assessment on time resulting to delay in sanitation reports and compliance. Making on-time reports and assessments can result to a better service to their customers.

The business goal is to move to paperless transaction, decrease the in-bound call about ordering and to simplify the digital experience for their B2B customers.

My Role

I was in charge of the product design, project management, user research and UX/UI design of the app.


I had some good times at AWS office to gather some requirement, get to know the existing process and get samples of their current reports for me to audit the whole user flow. Alongside with it, I did collect all the current software and reporting they use so I can do an audit of the whole system too.

Although with limited documentation of the product/system they are using, I managed to get details in interviewing the users to get to know what are the underlying issue before I step into working with my design.

Because the rest of the stakeholder is not expose to design sprint, I make a version of the customer journey that they can understand together so we can both be at one same page. This eliminates technical Jargon that the Director, Sales Manager and Admin cannot understand. With this style, I layout a trail of digital notepad so all can collaborate in pointing out their current journey.

The next step is we presented some idea on how we can automate the process and centralised the data so everybody can access the same information at once while making it all on one application that will speak to their current system. Understanding the problem here is the main idea for me on the kick-off phase, the more I understand what the business needs and the user needs are, the more I can get to know what possible solution I can make up.

Because there are 3 different segments of business that will heavily use the portal, we proposed a centralised web app for the organisation that will speak to each other to make a better experience and lessen the time consume on different task. With time and budget constraints, I jump in to bringing mid-fidelity mockup for presentation and bring it to usability testing - Fail more to learn and iterate the design rapidly based on the data.

Userflow of Site Audit lo-fi V1

Bringing an MVP to life

On one of his talks, Jared Spool talks about what is an MVP, and how bad or good it is... The MVP should be sitting just in between the threshold by telling the aspects or the reason why it is on the quality threshold. What it means that your MVP should be good enough that speaks quality and efficiency. With the constraints given to me, I develop an application the suits into the graph.

It is a growing product but it is usable and efficient enough to launch so user can start utilising the application. Imagine, this is a three interconnected application and you need to bring this in 6 weeks time :) Here are some screenshot of the work.

What I learn on this...

Breaking down the challenges, defining the problem correctly in the first phase of the kickoff-meeting really sets the boat's navigation into the right course. This will clearly define what your goal is and what is your stakeholder expectation.

I did learn a lot from this project and I wanted to share the experience as it is challenging and exciting at the the same time.

Reap, learn and grow

We launched an application that is interconnected that delivers communication between E-commerce, reporting and site assessment reporting and compliance. This improves business-client communication and drives the sales of the product of the business while scheduling on-time assessment and real-time reporting direct to the portal.

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