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Vodafone is one of the biggest network providers in New Zealand covering 94% of networks all over the country. The marketing team owns the desktop and mobile interface of the website and it is a vital part of the organization as it is a front-face of the company online. With the growing campaign, numerous page creation, and design implementation, most of the design is not updated anymore and the visual designers are dealing with a number of projects that need to be delivered from a low-fidelity mockup to high-fidelity prototypes. 

Visual designers are rendering too many hours in creating up-to-date mockups of the current website spending non-necessary time rather than putting oneselves into "designing" the information architecture of the page and into "thinking" about the visual design of the pages. 

Some screenshot of web page audit list

My Role

I was task to maintain, improve and take ownership of the design system library to make sure all visual designers breath consistency throughout the digital space. 

In addition, my first few weeks comprises of various UI audits to address the pages that is not brand consistent.

Design Library being improved on a centralised Sketch folder


I spent my first 3 weeks updating the library and creating a dynamic template in Sketch making the design, collected the latest design from the latest UI provided by the Vodafone Group and connected it to our improve library.

In addition to this, I have conducted a thorough research on what are the functionalities of different modules that can be used - something that previous visual designers didn't use because they never know it existed. 

Updated deliverables I manage to save


As a result of the project, Visual designers increase their lead time especially in big campaigns like device launches such as Apple and Samsung. With a consolidated library and a dynamic design system, The Visual designers now spent more time on "designing" the architecture they wanted to produce and to present to the audience. But this is not how it ends, because it is a growing library, the next designer need to improve it same as I did and that is the beauty of the design system, as the company grows, so is its library.

The Creative lead and Design Lead are happy with the result and the initiative I created on this project and I feel that my contribution is part of something big that the future designers can be used and improved too. When the business department knew about the project I created, they have also asked to grow the UI library for the business department.
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